Friday, December 5, 2014

Upscale Advertising

     Online shopping is a growing trend today. In the past, the trend was to go online and see adverts relating to random items, things that a person may or may not be interested in. Today, however, the search engines are clever enough to decipher what a person's interests are and then target advertising to the viewer that may make them want to purchase online.

     This concept of targeting commercials from stores that appeal to the viewer's tastes, has lent itself to tablets and mobile phones, making it incredibly easy to just see the item and then go straight into their online account or use their credit card to purchase what they see.

     Companies using coupons are taking full advantage of the fact that it is so easy to sell online. Giving a call to action with a limited time for the coupon or discount to be used, has had phenomenal success.

     People that would otherwise choose a store that is not upscale are now purchasing items from high end retailers they would normally avoid. These upscale retailers that were suffering from a slump in the economy but now are experiencing a tremendous increase in sales.

     Search engines now have the capability to remember what the consumer was searching for and then present the viewer with what they are most likely to be interested in. Taking advantage of this, an individual that would prefer to attract a more prestigious group of shops, may write an editorial or blog pertaining to subjects of a pricier nature.

     If the viewer is in a social networking situation, they could base their activities or comments for attracting the kind of adverts they would like to see in the advertisement spaces on these sites. This makes searching, surfing and social networking a more pleasurable experience.

     One can clearly see the difference, once they indulge themselves in the picking and choosing of the kind of content for the advertising they really want. The individual can actually gain control over what their screen looks like, rather than have it dictated to them in a random fashion.

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