Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Facing the Holidays!

As we approach the final months toward the major holiday season, I primarily want to appeal to the more seasoned independent business owners that know the urgency of the bottom line at this point rather than idealism.

At the beginning of the year, preferably, 2nd of January, I endeavor to have others focus on getting a jump start and hit the ground running to make this time of year less burdening.

By the time autumn arrives, I have selected the fastest earners there are online that are free to join so that there are no deductions on the capital that has been banked. In the previous year, I was able to do this, to the pleasure of many, just in the nick of time before the biggest celebrations.

There are those that do not start preparing for the major holidays until they've received their tax return. Then there are those that do not start to think about it until they start to see signs, such as, decorations or pre-holiday sales events, then there are those that wait until it all is dangerously upon them, reminders at every turn. There is a rush and a panic!

This all should be pleasurable. Click Here!

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And best of all you get to do the selection of what you would like to expose to the world!
(Music and Advertising Clips are actually my favourites.)

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Certainly hope this helps, my friends.

Happy Harvest and Happy Holidays !

Carla aka TAHITITI (Original from IBO Social)

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