Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Weighing only 24 ounces /.68 kilograms, the iPad is revolutionary.
It is easy to see why one might want to name it 24 karat gold.
Mobility and accessories make it priceless, and with its affordability, one can truly be enthusiastic. The iPad is so simple to use, and for iPhone users, everything seems like going from university to becoming a post graduate.

There is no question, which applications you will implementing if you already have tons of apps on your iPhone, and if you used your iPhone online you already have the feel of how to use and store your web pages.
For those of us that are novices, the education is fun filled and awe inspiring.

The iPhone and iPad are toys, yes, high tech toys, that takes any serious adult into the world of a virtual theme park. When advertising with the iPhone, I was amazed to find that adults were engaged heaviest in luxury cars, racing cars and sport. The GenXers were involved in music downloads and ringtones.

All in all I must say that this type of mobility is magic, and if it is a question of whether or not it is going to make me lazier or more mobile, just look out for me this summer, because believe me, park, beach, dining, clubbing, picnicing, shopping, lounging, traveling, I won't leave home without it. It is a secret that we little geeklike sorcerers know don't we.

Thank You Apple!

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